Instant Gift Certificates

Holiday Special 20% OFF

Customize, personalize, purchase and then instantly print or email your gift certificates.

Instant Love for yourself or for someone special.

Purchase the Certificate for the full value you want to give.
Since we process transactions off-line, your card will be charged 20% less than the value of the Certificate. For example, order a $50 Gift Certificate and we will charge your card $40. A $100 Gift certificate will be charged $80, etc.

There is no limit to the value you can purchase or the number of Certificates you may purchase for yourself or anyone else.
Certificates can be applied to any of our regular services and products, but cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions.

Be sure to put all information for purchaser and the recipient, I.E. Name, Phone, and email address. We will not contact the recipient, we just need their info on record.
Unredeemed balances will be carried indefinitely. No transfers, refunds, or exchanges.